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Understanding the Concept of Product Discontinuation

Product discontinuation occurs when a company decides to stop producing and selling a particular item. This can happen for various reasons, such as declining sales, changing consumer preferences, or shifts in company strategy. In the case of Yogos, the popular yogurt-covered snack, the product was discontinued by its manufacturer, General Mills.

The Rise of Yogos

Yogos were introduced by General Mills in 2005 as a unique snack option. The product consisted of small, bite-sized pieces of fruit-flavored yogurt that were covered in a colorful candy shell. Yogos quickly gained popularity among children and adults alike, thanks to their fun appearance and convenient, portable packaging.

Marketing and Promotion

General Mills invested heavily in marketing and promoting Yogos, using various strategies to reach their target audience:

  • Television commercials featuring animated characters and catchy jingles
  • Product placement in popular children’s shows and movies
  • Sponsorships and partnerships with youth-oriented events and organizations
  • Eye-catching packaging designs and fun flavor names

The Fall of Yogos

Despite their initial success, Yogos eventually faced declining sales and consumer interest. Several factors contributed to the product’s downfall:

Changing Consumer Preferences

As consumers became more health-conscious, the demand for sugary snacks like Yogos decreased. Parents began seeking healthier alternatives for their children, and the artificial colors and flavors in Yogos became less appealing.

Competition from Other Snack Brands

The snack market became increasingly crowded, with numerous brands introducing their own unique offerings. Yogos faced stiff competition from both established players and new entrants, making it harder to maintain market share.

Shifts in Company Strategy

General Mills, like many other food companies, began to focus more on healthier and more natural products. As a result, the company may have decided to allocate resources away from Yogos and toward other product lines that aligned better with their evolving strategy.

The Discontinuation of Yogos

In the late 2000s, General Mills made the decision to discontinue Yogos. The exact date of the product’s discontinuation is not widely publicized, but it is believed to have occurred around 2009-2010. The company quietly phased out the product, and Yogos gradually disappeared from store shelves.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I still find Yogos in stores?
A: No, Yogos have been discontinued and are no longer available for purchase.
Q: Did Yogos have any health concerns that led to their discontinuation?
A: While there were no specific health concerns linked to Yogos, the product’s high sugar content and artificial ingredients may have contributed to its declining popularity as consumers became more health-conscious.
Q: Has General Mills considered bringing back Yogos?
A: There have been no official statements from General Mills regarding the potential return of Yogos. However, discontinued products are occasionally reintroduced if there is sufficient consumer demand and if it aligns with the company’s current strategy.


The rise and fall of Yogos serve as an example of how consumer preferences, market competition, and company strategies can impact the success and longevity of a product. While Yogos enjoyed a period of popularity, changing trends and priorities ultimately led to their discontinuation. Although the snack may be gone, it remains a nostalgic memory for many who grew up enjoying its unique taste and colorful appearance.

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