What Happened to the Boys in the Boat


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The “Boys in the Boat” refers to the University of Washington’s men’s rowing team that competed in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Their incredible journey and triumph against the odds have become a symbol of perseverance, teamwork, and the American spirit.

The Team Members and Their Fates

NamePositionPost-Olympics Life
Joe RantzRowerWorked as a chemical engineer, married, and had children
Don HumeRowerServed in the Navy during WWII, worked in the lumber industry
George “Shorty” HuntRowerWorked as a teacher and coach
Roger MorrisRowerServed in the Navy during WWII, worked as an attorney
Chuck DayRowerWorked in the advertising industry
Gordy AdamRowerServed in the Army during WWII, worked as a businessman
Bobby MochCoxswainServed in the Navy during WWII, worked as a lawyer
Al UlbricksonCoachContinued coaching at the University of Washington

Life After the Olympics

After their gold medal victory in the 1936 Berlin Olympics, the boys in the boat went on to lead diverse and successful lives:

  • Many of them served in the military during World War II, demonstrating their continued commitment to their country.
  • They pursued careers in various fields, such as engineering, law, education, and business.
  • Most of the team members married and started families, passing on their values and experiences to the next generation.

Legacy and Inspiration

The story of the boys in the boat has inspired countless people around the world. Their determination, unity, and ability to overcome adversity have made them enduring symbols of the human spirit. The book “The Boys in the Boat” by Daniel James Brown, published in 2013, brought their story to a new generation and has since become a bestseller.


The boys in the boat not only achieved greatness in their sport but also went on to lead lives of purpose and service. Their legacy continues to inspire people to strive for excellence, persevere through challenges, and work together towards a common goal. The story of the boys in the boat is a testament to the resilience and potential of the human spirit.

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