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Noomi RapaceMonday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday
Glenn CloseNicolette Cayman
Willem DafoeTerrence Settman
Marwan KenzariAdrian Knowles
Christian RubeckJoe
Pål Sverre HagenJerry
Tomiwa EdunEddie
Cassie ClareZaquia

The Talented Cast of What Happened to Monday

What Happened to Monday, a dystopian science fiction thriller released in 2017, features a talented ensemble cast led by Swedish actress Noomi Rapace. The film’s unique premise and the cast’s impressive performances have garnered attention from audiences and critics alike.

Noomi Rapace as the Settman Siblings

Noomi Rapace, best known for her roles in the Swedish Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy and Prometheus, takes on the challenging task of portraying seven identical septuplet sisters named after the days of the week. Rapace’s ability to give each sibling a distinct personality and presence is a testament to her acting prowess.

Glenn Close as Nicolette Cayman

Glenn Close, a renowned actress with numerous accolades, portrays Nicolette Cayman, the head of the Child Allocation Bureau. Close’s commanding presence and ability to portray complex characters add depth to the film’s antagonist.

Willem Dafoe as Terrence Settman

Willem Dafoe, known for his versatile roles in films such as Platoon and Spider-Man, plays Terrence Settman, the grandfather who raises the septuplet sisters in secrecy. Dafoe’s portrayal of a loving and protective grandfather adds an emotional core to the story.

Supporting Cast

The supporting cast of What Happened to Monday includes:

  • Marwan Kenzari as Adrian Knowles, a government agent who becomes involved with the Settman siblings
  • Christian Rubeck as Joe, a friend and ally of the siblings
  • Pål Sverre Hagen as Jerry, another ally of the siblings
  • Tomiwa Edun as Eddie, a character connected to the siblings’ past
  • Cassie Clare as Zaquia, a character who plays a role in the siblings’ story

Each supporting cast member brings their own unique talents to the film, helping to create a rich and immersive world.


The cast of What Happened to Monday delivers powerful performances that elevate the film’s intriguing premise. Led by Noomi Rapace’s impressive portrayal of seven distinct characters and supported by a talented ensemble, the cast brings depth and emotion to this thought-provoking dystopian thriller.

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