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Who is Drew Timme?

Drew Timme is a college basketball player who has made a significant impact on the Gonzaga Bulldogs men’s basketball team. Known for his impressive skills on the court and his distinctive mustache, Timme has become a fan favorite and a key player for the Bulldogs.

Drew Timme’s College Basketball Career

Drew Timme began his college basketball career with the Gonzaga Bulldogs in 2019. As a freshman, he quickly made an impact on the team, averaging 9.8 points and 5.4 rebounds per game. In his sophomore season, Timme’s role expanded, and he became a crucial part of the Bulldogs’ success, helping lead the team to the NCAA Championship game in 2021.

Sophomore Season (2020-2021)

  • Averaged 19.0 points and 7.0 rebounds per game
  • Named West Coast Conference (WCC) Player of the Year
  • Helped Gonzaga achieve a perfect 26-0 regular season record
  • Led the Bulldogs to the NCAA Championship game, where they lost to Baylor

Junior Season (2021-2022)

  • Averaged 18.4 points and 6.8 rebounds per game
  • Named WCC Player of the Year for the second consecutive season
  • Helped Gonzaga secure another WCC regular-season title and tournament championship
  • Led the Bulldogs to the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA Tournament

What Happened to Drew Timme?

After his junior season, Drew Timme had a decision to make regarding his future in basketball. He could have chosen to declare for the 2022 NBA Draft, but instead, he announced that he would return to Gonzaga for his senior season.

Senior Season (2022-2023)

In his senior season, Drew Timme continued to be a dominant force on the court for the Gonzaga Bulldogs. He helped lead the team to another successful season, although they fell short of their ultimate goal of winning a national championship.

Drew Timme’s Future Prospects

As Drew Timme concludes his college basketball career, many fans and analysts are speculating about his future in the sport. With his impressive skills and track record, Timme is expected to generate interest from NBA teams in the upcoming draft.

NBA Draft Potential

While Drew Timme’s draft stock may not be as high as some other prospects, his proven ability to score, rebound, and lead a team could make him an attractive option for NBA teams looking to add depth to their rosters. His experience and success at the college level could translate well to the professional game.


Drew Timme’s decision to return to Gonzaga for his senior season allowed him to further develop his skills and leave a lasting legacy with the Bulldogs. As he moves on to the next chapter of his basketball career, fans and analysts alike will be eager to see how he performs at the professional level and what the future holds for this talented player.

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