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Young M.A, born Katorah Marrero, is primarily known for her successful career as a rapper and songwriter. While her main focus has been on music, she has also ventured into acting, appearing in a few films. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the movies Young M.A has played in and explore her potential as an actress.

Young M.A’s Acting Roles

As of 2024, Young M.A’s acting career has been relatively limited compared to her music career. She has appeared in the following movies:

  • The After Party (2018) – Young M.A played herself in this Netflix original film, which follows two aspiring rappers trying to make it in the music industry.
  • Vault (2019) – In this crime thriller, Young M.A had a supporting role as Tracey, alongside Theo Rossi and Clive Standen.

Potential for Future Acting Roles

Given Young M.A’s charisma and unique personality, there is potential for her to take on more acting roles in the future. Her experience in the music industry and her ability to connect with audiences could translate well to the big screen. However, it remains to be seen whether she will prioritize acting or continue to focus primarily on her music career.


Q: Does Young M.A have any upcoming acting projects?
A: As of 2024, there are no confirmed upcoming acting projects for Young M.A. However, this may change in the future as she continues to explore new opportunities.
Q: Has Young M.A received any awards or recognition for her acting?
A: To date, Young M.A has not received any major awards or recognition specifically for her acting roles.


While Young M.A’s acting career has been limited so far, her appearances in “The After Party” and “Vault” demonstrate her potential as an actress. As she continues to grow and evolve as an artist, it will be interesting to see if she takes on more acting projects in the future. Regardless of her acting pursuits, Young M.A’s primary focus remains on her successful music career, which has earned her a dedicated fanbase and critical acclaim.

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