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Xzibit, born Alvin Nathaniel Joiner, is an American rapper, actor, and television host. While he is best known for his successful music career and hosting the MTV show “Pimp My Ride,” Xzibit has also made a name for himself in the acting world. In this article, we will explore the various movies Xzibit has played in throughout his career.

Notable Movies Xzibit Has Appeared In

Movie TitleYearRole
The Wash2001Wayne
8 Mile2002Mike
Full Clip2004Duncan
XXX: State of the Union2005Zeke
Gridiron Gang2006Malcolm Moore
The X-Files: I Want to Believe2008FBI Agent Mosley Drummy
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans2009Big Fate

Xzibit’s Transition from Music to Acting

Xzibit’s acting career began in 2001 with his appearance in the comedy film “The Wash,” alongside Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. His breakthrough role came in 2002 with the critically acclaimed film “8 Mile,” in which he played the character Mike, alongside Eminem.

Following the success of “8 Mile,” Xzibit continued to land roles in various films, showcasing his versatility as an actor. He appeared in action movies like “XXX: State of the Union” and “Full Clip,” as well as dramas such as “Derailed” and “Gridiron Gang.”

Xzibit’s Impact on the Film Industry

While Xzibit may not be considered a leading man in Hollywood, his presence in films has been significant. He has brought authenticity to his roles, often portraying characters from urban backgrounds or those involved in the hip-hop culture. His performances have been praised for their realness and intensity.

Xzibit’s acting career has also helped bridge the gap between the music and film industries, paving the way for other rappers to transition into acting. His success in both fields has demonstrated that artists can have multi-faceted careers and excel in different areas of entertainment.


Xzibit’s filmography may not be as extensive as some other actors, but his contributions to the movies he has appeared in cannot be overlooked. From his early days in “The Wash” to his more recent roles in “The X-Files: I Want to Believe” and “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans,” Xzibit has proven himself to be a capable and talented actor.

As he continues to balance his music career with his acting pursuits, fans can look forward to seeing more of Xzibit on the big screen in the future.

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